1-click Maintenance Is A Tool To Tune-up Your Computer

If your computer is already overload, it signals that your computer system is low on virtual memory as windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. During this process, memory request for some applications may be denied. If it happened, you need to tune-up your computer at least once a week. (I wish that one day ExpertsColumn will feature images to include them on our columns. Images help to explain our ideas, too.)

If you were using Windows XP, there is a tool found on your computer called Tune-up 1-Click Maintenance. It is a program software included on

your Windows XP. The tool will work for you for the following jobs namely:

  • Analyzing the registry of your computer for invalid references
  • Analyzing the programs installed on your computer for missing files
  • Analyzing the registry structure of your computer to identify structural errors
  • and do some Searches for temporary files found on your computer that can be safely removed

When I started the tuning-up of my computer two days ago by using the 1-click maintenance tool – there were three problems found on my computer registry. This tool identified and defined what exactly the three problems found on my computer registry like:

  • Unneeded entry for the file type (.+o file) as windows function open it no data found
  • Unneeded entry for file type (.A; file) as windows open it no data found
  • Test.Class.1 - no data found

During the process of

tuning-up my computer – the 1-click maintenance tool also found approximately 1MB recoverable temporary files. There were about 221 files equivalent to 1,556 KB as shown on the screen shot of my computer system (wish I can use an image here). I was given the option whether to delete them or just keep them on my system if found relevant and if not the 1-click maintenance tool will safely remove them without affecting the structure of my computer system. After checking them one by one, I had decided to remove them.

After I done the tuning-up of my computer by using the Tune-up 1-click maintenance tool, the said problems found on my computer registry were resolved and also I was able to recover 1MB of space on my computer system. Now my computer opens faster.

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