My Thoughts About Jugnos Monster Pizza

Jugnos Monster Pizza is a giant pizza that my sister always ordered before whenever there is an occasion. I only knew it from her and learned how to place an order.

First, you will just call their hotline number and place an order. You are given to choose what flavors you like and type of slice/cut. Of course, the person at the other end of the line will transfer your order to the nearest city where you live and that's what great about them. By means of it, the delivery time will be shorten and in time.

Anyway, pizza is one of

the snacks or foods people love to eat. Ingredients that come into my mind when I am thinking of it are cheese, pepperoni, onions, tomatoes and others.

European countries are those where this food came from.

They just influenced us at the time when they invaded and claimed other lands (its history and I don't want to discuss it here).

Also, if we analyze its name, there is a monster in it which is huge or giant.

Anyway, what I want to taste is pizza with cheese on the circle edge. Because, some of the people left and did eat it. So in order to eat all of them, pizza fast food chains decided to add cheese at the pizza's circle edge.

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