How Does Income Today Differs From Income Tomorrow?

Income can be classified as Income Today, Income Tomorrow and Millionaire Income. These three income are related to one another. How does Income today differs from Income tomorrow? What about the Millionaire income?

Income Today is the income that anyone needs today and within the next thirty days. This is a person’s life line – he needs money right now to not only enjoy his lifestyle and other activities he is engaging but as fund and the stepping stone for his journey to financial freedom. He has to understand that there’s no liberty to living frugal – he needs to use

his income today to enjoy the pleasure of what he can afford. He needs to continuously reward himself for taking actions to become successful.

While in Income tomorrow is defined for income that a person has to use and enjoy within months and can be extended to a year or so. Here he has to use some of his savings generated from his Income today. He can use it to invest in some business opportunities that creates short-term passive income. It is considered as start-up stage where his money starts working for him. About Millionaire income – this is the point where a person can be free. He can choose when to work or not to work anymore.

The above three income are related to one another. Anyone who wants to enjoy the millionaire income he or she has at least passed the stage and well-acquainted about his income today to use for his income tomorrow before he could enjoy the life counting millions of his recorded income.

According to Patric Chan, I quote:  “The biggest mistake that average

people make which keeps them from millionaire status is simply they are not choosing the right opportunity that can lead to this stage.” Patric Chan is one of my mentors in Network Marketing Business Online, he further said that nobody likes to work with people who work in fear, who are not confident in what they’re doing. If you’re not confident in yourself or your own idea, what is the likelihood that others will have the confidence in you?

To create confidence we should adopt the psychology of abundance mindset – as it creates confidence. In abundance mode it allows a person to be free – not just being chained to just one option. His emotions and mind are free and has more chances to enjoy and develop creativity, happiness and energy. Of course, the idea of Patric Chan can also be applied on our writing hobby online. Online writers are also considered as Online Marketers and Business people whose other purposes are to make money online and on print by utilizing their creative minds and developing great ideas to share to million surfers and readers. And those great ideas trembling on writers head should have to be exposed confidently.

Now the question: Is there probability that writing online can make writers millionaires? What is your stand?

Source of facts and other info: Types of Income 

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