Hubpages Is A School For Learning Too

HubPages is offering a free online study program to its hubbers – and if you were the lucky chosen hubber you will be in for the free writing tutorial course training from non-fiction writing to fiction writing and other types of writing. With the program you will enjoy the benefits namely: you will receive lessons, group support, and personalized feedback, you will enjoy an up-front bonus of just over six dollars for each Hub you published under this program which is independent of any ad revenue earned.

The said program is a six-month online writing course where all the students are

given the lessons and resources needed to build a strong online writing portfolio, they will be taught to develop a personal brand and to become a successful Hubber.

Writers or hubbers at HubPages are enjoying many sources of earnings. Aside from the unique traffic and views received by hub pages from the different search engines and those views from social networks, book marking sites and from other hubbers – HubPages will grant you to be included with their Ad Revenue Programs namely: earnings from Google AdSense, earnings from eBay Program and earnings from Amazon Program. However, you would have to activate your Google AdSense Account, your eBay Account and your Amazon Account on their site to enjoy with those HubPages Ads program.

HubPages rejects plagiarized contents or copied contents. HubPages accepts only contents that are originally written by you and have not yet published anywhere else. The site is using a sophisticated tool to spot duplicate contents. Even though you rewrite the entire article you already published on other publishing sites, still the site will decline them. And whatever you published at HubPages do not be tempted to offer it to other publishing sites unless you will delete first what you published on their site because if the site found a portion of the article published on other site – your published hub on their site will be punished and will be marked to unpublished.

Hubpages is monitoring the plights of all hubs published and featured on their site and all hubs published under the hubbers own domains. If

HubPages found that some of the published hubs are declining in terms of views and traffic – the site will be obliged to bring them to Idle hubs section. This is the newest feature added by HubPages to help hubbers to give some make-up and make them more attractive for the eyes of search engine crawlers.

If you were writing at HubPages and found that one of the hubs you published is already on Idle hub section – edit that hub, make some changes on the text, photos, media and change some of your eBay, amazon stuff included on that hub if necessary and republish it again and wait at least 48 hours for the site’s approval. And if it is approved it will be marked as featured hub again. Idle hubs will not show on the search engine directory. The people who can read and see those Idle hubs are only people you invited through their hubs URL links and from social networks where you shared those items.

However, you can also leave the Idle hub as is or without updating it but you will work to expose it by sharing it to social networks and book marking sites you are connected with or by sharing the URL link to your blog site, forum groups and other e-groups or by sending it to your friends. Your goal here is to attract traffic and views and to get it out from being an Idle hub. If the site found it that its views are increasing – the Idle hub will be back to featured hub again.

There are more to tell about HubPages but at this very moments I need some break but of course I will guide you to read my previously published column: Triond is Again Back to Idleness

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