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Bloggers and other types of online writers are considered publishers as well as advertisers through bog sites or websites that they are in control. After finishing writing their articles and other stuff – they need to publish and advertise them on their blog sites or websites before marketing them outside through the use of social networks and other bookmarking sites available online. So writers are both the publishers and advertisers. Writers from around the world can also enjoy the benefits that Infolinks promised especially if running or maintaining their own blog sites or websites. Infolinks is an advertising platform helping

publishers and advertisers to maximize their online income. 

Infolinks helps increase your online earnings and income. Infolinks breaks through banner blindness with smart ad unit targeted to your readers. It also help slam your website or blog site to the top of all the search engines totally on autopilot. It monetizes websites, blog sites with smart ad units. Among the publishing sites I am writing with - ExpertsColumn and Triond are the publishing sites now using Infolinks. It is one of the sources of these two sites where they get money to pay its writers. So if you apllied for Infolinks and your blog sites or websites are approved then you can also enjoy the benefits as the same as what ExpertsColumn and Triond are enjoying now from using Infolinks. Yes. I am already using Infolinks to my two websites I created on Weebly.

Infolinks reveals the highest paying keywords for your website or blog site whether you are a publisher or an advertiser through the Infolinks Trend Center. Writers are considered publishers and advertisers. So writers will see the trending keywords in different niche categories every week. To optimize the use of Infolinks to your blog site or website, there are four ways that should be applied, namely:

  • Activate the Infolinks InText
  • Activate the Infolinks InSearch
  • Activate the Infolinks InTag
  • and Activate the Infolinks InFrame

InText – Infolinks highlights keyword ads found on your article pages. And every time a visitor hovers over them, a related ad appears. You can see them on every column published on this site normally with one or two underlined word. 

InSearch – Infolinks displays relevant ads to traffic arriving to your site from search engines

while infusing another SEO layer to your website or blog site.

InTag – Infolinks allows you to increase your clicks and earnings while adding valuable information tags within your website or blog site’s content.

InFrame – Infolinks will display attractive banner ads in the margins of your website or blog site’s pages based on your blog site or website category.

To register at Infolinks – you would submit the URL of your blog site or website. Your valid email address with password. It will take at least between 24 hours to 72 hours to receive an alert from Infolinks. And if your application is approved you would have to log-in to your Infolinks account in your dashboard look for integration section where the script code is kept. And follow the instructions correctly how to integrate the code on your blog site or website. Update your account including the payment setting.

To apply Infolinks takes only less than two minutes but for approval it takes days as Infolinks will determine first your submitted website or blog site. Infolinks headquarters are located in Palo Alto, California and their R&D Center is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more details about Infolinks visit Infolinks Support Section. For more details about Infolinks visit Infolinks Support Section.

Infolinks is also on the go. Infolinks has just introduced new mobile application for Android and iPhone. Through Android and iPhone Infolinks users can check their Infolinks reports and views impression. Infolinks payments are made every three months - either by a check, bank, western union or paypal. So writers can monetize their blog sites or websites with Infolinks.

Source of facts and other info: Infolinks Monetizes Websites, Blog Sites With Smart Ad Units

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