Ireland Is One Of British Isles But Not Part Of United Kingdom

The British Isles is a group of islands that includes Britain, Ireland, and a number of smaller islands like Shetland Islands, Fair Isle, Orkney Islands, Rona Island, Lewis and Harris Islands, North Uist Island, South Uist Island, Benbecula Island, Barra or Bana Island, Skye Island, Three Coll Island, Mull Island, Jura Island, Islay Island, Isle of Man, Anglesey Island, Holyhead Island, Isle of Wight and Isles of Scilly. The Irish Republic also known as Republic of Ireland which was formerly Eire is an independent state occupying the southern part of the island of Ireland.

Britain or Great Britain (GB) is a

geographical area consisting of England, Scotland and Wales but not “Ireland”. But Ireland is part of The British Isles. The name Britain is often also incorrectly used to refer to the political state, officially called the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This is abbreviated to the United Kingdom or the UK.

To refer to the nationality of the people of Britain or the United Kingdom one has to use the adjective British. English describes people from England and should not be used to describe people from Ireland, Scotland or Wales. One should use Irish to describe people from Ireland, Scottish for the people of Scotland and Welsh for the people of Wales.

But to describe people from some

cities, there are special adjectives and nouns to use – for example a person from London is called Londoner. People from Dublin are called Dubliner (s). People from Glasgow are called Glaswegian (s). People from Aberdeen are called Aberdonian (s). People from Manchester are called Mancunian (s). And people from Liverpool are called Liverpudlian (s).

But there are other names to call to a Londoner – who speaks with the local accent, he is also called a Cockney. There are also informal names to call for people from some cities for example – people from Birmingham are called Brummie. People from Liverpool are called Scouse or Scouser and people from Tyneside which stretches from Newcastle to the coast are called Geordie. But despite of many names used to call them – they all use the same name for their money currency which is Sterling Pound also known as GBP.

Sources of facts and other info: Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

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