Narrative Poetry Emotions Of Love

Should we consider the elements needed to write a narrative poetry such as: character, setting, conflict and plot?

My breath stopped

I was standing in front of the door
Tears falling down in speed
Down to my face like water
Flowing to a river of sorrow
Felt a pointed needle
Injected into my heart
And cut it to pieces
My breath stopped
And I couldn’t move…

My son has gone

It’s painful, my son has gone
After all those years, I showed my love
Started when he came to us
Joy and happiness filled our home
My whole life, love, care and attentions

all for him to assure he’s safe…

Those sweet mornings

It’s exciting and memorable
Those early mornings
I was with my son
Meeting the cool breeze
Of the morning sun
Those sweet lullaby
I have sung for him
To stop him crying…

An angel from heaven

Those years of seeing my son
Running freely in speed
In the middle of green-meadows
Laughing and shouting
An angel from heaven above
Filled my heart with joy…

Rattled and nervous

When he got sick
I was rattled and nervous
I didn’t know what to do
My heart was beating faster
From those tensions and fears
But…Yes. I took him to a doctor…

He’s my strength

Those years of seeing my son
Who was waiting for me
At the gate of the house
The tiredness I felt vanished
When he kissed me softly…

Who was I to stop


After 25 years, he went away
He found his new home and family
Who was I to stop him?
I was just his father
Who loved him so much
His father, who cared for him
And I would remain his father
For all the years of his life!

Guys – Do you think that the elements needed to write a narrative poetry have exist on the above poem?

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