Knowledge Of Grammar And Building The Vocabulary

Most of us writers know when they studied grammar (or hated doing so) in their early years of schooling that there are 8 parts of speech in the English language--noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction and interjection.   They are the flesh that covers the skeleton of a sentence.

I know learning grammar is not smooth sailing.  It is as boring and hideous as math.  And, more bleakly, once the knowledge has been ingested and internalized, there comes a second phase to learn about, and that is usage.  Grammar is constant until usage makes a modification of its rules because English

is a living language.  But I won't enlarge on that because, as in a legal contact, the devil is in the details, whatever.

My main point is, once you have mastered the parts of speech i.e. how words behave in a sentence or by analogy, how the parts of a car work, then it will be easier to appreciate the facility and usefulness of the dictionary, as Christian preachers do the Bible, but I doubt the second analogy makes sense.

Each word entry (or entry word, dammit) in the dictionary indicates what part of speech it is by a label, and a word in English can function as virtually any part of it.  Moreover, sample usage of the entry word can be seen in idioms provided and how it is used in a sentence exemplified therein as gathered from the whole plethora of media and the press stored in the

modern lexicographers' database.  Both Oxford's and Webster's compile speech and writing specimens, including those uttered by the man on the street.

Okay, having sound knowledge of grammar, building our vocabulary will now be chicken.  All we need do is read the dictionary like a mystery novel fro A to Z.  To scan each word, of course, and to commit it to memory, like Norton virus scan can do, is impossible!  It is enough to open its page at random at one or two words daily, perhaps more if one has a retentive memory and the drive to used right away as one's own in writing. 

In short,  vocabulary building is fast so much so that once grammar is mastered, words that pop up when we read the dictionary can be easily assimilated into our memory and consciousness, like picking an apple from the branch of its tree and eating it right away.

November 22, 2012


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