Other Awesome Ways To Share Our Columns To Facebook

I might say that the columnists of this site are already enjoying the maximum benefits of sharing columns on Facebook and that mostly of you have already familiarized the whole structure of Facebook. But yet still, I would have to ask you this question: How do you share your columns at Facebook?

I remember - one of my friends asked me this question “Does your column reach to all the Facebook users? I replied by telling him the following: Any stuff sent off to Facebook will depend on how you want to share it to Facebook users. Regardless of what type of column that

you would like to share to Facebook you are bound at least four ways to choose to share your column to Facebook users. 

There are four normal ways or options to share our columns at Facebook like: 

  • Share your columns publicly
  • Share your columns to friends 
  • Share your columns to specific people
  • Share your columns to only me

Now let's take a look what benefits we can enjoy from sharing of our columns according to the four options I mentioned above.

  • When you share your column publicly at Facebook - it is open to all the Facebook users available during the day. Users available from around the world - both young and olds, regardless of their affiliations: They can be students, businessmen, company owners, bloggers, writers and other professionals because your column is available on Facebook front feed.  

When you share your column to friends at Facebook - it means it is available only to your friends. And it is the job of Facebook site to send it to your friends through their email addresses used when they opened their Facebook accounts. This is different when you share your column directly to your Facebook friend's wall.

  • When you share your column to specific people - it means you are sharing it to people or friends you have chosen - here you are obliged to do a list of people where to share off your column. While to share your column to only me - it means no-one can see and read your stuff. It is closed from public, friends and to specific viewing.

Every time I share my columns at Facebook, I always choose “public and friends” alternatively. And that way of sharing is in accordance of facebook policy and without spamming. Aside from the four normal ways - there are still other awesome ways to share our columns to Facebook such as:

  • Share your columns to your Facebook pages - they are pages sections you created at FB for your columns, photos, videos, business and other stuff. Also they are pages created by some of your FB friends where you are also connected with.

Share your columns to your Facebook NetworkedBlogs - your own blogs you created at FB or other blogs created by some of your FB friends where you are also connected with. 

  • Share your columns to your Facebook groups - the more FB groups you are a member, the more chances for traffic and views to your columns.

    For example you are a member of ten FB groups or more, the bigger the chances to attract other members to read your columns and like them. But in return you will also visit their links or like their stuff.

Not long ago, I created a Networkedblog at FB in the name of Pruelpo. I used my expertscolumn profile URL link but for the Feed link - I used the Expertscolumn RSS XML. After I completed all the necessary works for this blog especially on syndication, I saw the significance result not only for me but also to other columnists. If there are new approved columns and already officially published at ExpertsColumn site - those columns are automatically picked up or sent off directly to Pruelpo ExpertsColumn Networkedblog at FB.

From Pruelpo those columns will be sent off to my other netwrokedblogs I created at FB, to my FB time line and to my other FB pages. Not only that - from FB site those columns will be sent off directly to Twitter too because I also activated my Twitter account during the syndication which is in accordance with Facebook rules and procedures.

On July 13, 2012, I sent off a letter to Expertscolumn Admin and Website Master, regarding our Authors' RSS Feed Links said "Of all the publishing sites I am writing with, I noticed that Expertscolumn has no Author's RSS feed link. Yes there is permalink for every column but what I am looking for is the Author's RSS feed link that caters of all his published columns as group." 

Why I had asked this - I found that through the author's RSS feed link will help much to promote the site as well the author's columns for views and traffic and it is already proven. 

On July 16, 2012, Niks replied said, "The feature is currently missing. However we will try to add this feature as soon as possible acting on your advice." All I can say now is thank you - at least I know that Expertscolumn is now planning to add this feature.

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