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Exciting memories I had kept for a long time when the former president Joseph Estrada of Philippines was ousted in 2001 and had to go with his queen, mistresses and children, left the palace and his throne together with his die-hard cronies who were also overthrown.

The people cry

Mr. Erap was standing and laughing
When he heard the people cry, coming to his way
Shouting, urging him to step down
Out of the palace doorway

Erap replied to their calls:

I won’t leave my queen and my throne!
The people insisted:
You wicked our trusts, you must go
Take your queen with you

/> Exit now and walk away

Erap insisted:

It’s nonsense, I’d tell you
I was elected through the people’s will
I took my oath and had promised
I would serve my country men so well
The constitution doesn’t envisage
The president’s resignation, I am your president
Be sport….stop pointing at me

Erap said he’s innocent:

Those were only allegations
The prosecution has mistakenly
Had filed against me
It’s not appropriate to resign
The Senate should willingly verify my case
Required by our Constitution
I am innocent and yet, not found guilty
So vacate the highway of EDSA
Go home and be merry for me
I am with my queen, mistresses and my cronies
Playing our sport wonderfully

People’s Verdict:

But the Filipino people were shouting angrily,

forcing him to step down. Thousands of them with banners read, “Erap must resign now!” They found that Mr. Erap’s supporters in the Senate have avoided a ruling to edify the case against him. So the people passed their verdict against the finding said: “You’re guilty. Exit now!”

So Erap was ousted and had to go
With his queen, mistresses and children
He left his sport, the palace and his throne
And his die-hard cronies were also overthrown!

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Article Written By pruelpo

My favorite Saying: “Dream Big and don’t stop without giving it a chance to come true.” I am a father of 3 for 27 years, OFW for 17 years , a Blogger, sometimes a Poet, Self-motivated and Professional by experience. You can call me Paul or Pruel. I am friendly animal but can kick you off when it is needed. LOL. I have no specific areas where my writing will focus on. I write any subject that interests me under the merciless sun.

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