Profit Contributes Greediness To An Individual, Business And Organization

Business is always a business and at times its owner has no regards to human sentiments and emotions. And no-one can deny it that the owners’ primary concern is profit. And profit contributes greediness to an individual, organization and a business company. And the said termination of Mr. Edwin Q. Mamaril from his distributorship shows that DXN is a company without compassion to their hard working leaders! This column was written with permission from Mr. Edwin Q. Mamaril. 

Anyone who engages business with DXN is bound to follow the company’s rules and regulations. And whoever disregarded or violated its company’s rules

and policies will be subject for termination. As stipulated under the rules and regulations of DXN (17.1) if a distributor has breached the rules and regulations, code of conduct, DXN marketing plan and any of its policy the distributor may be suspended or terminated immediately.

Edwin Q. Mamaril is active DXN leader in Middle East

He was one of the most active DXN leaders in Middle East. Mr. Mamaril has started his DXN business in 2005 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. During those years of his hard works and efforts, he became the most active DXN diamond leader. Under his active leadership, the DXN Saudi Arabia stand out as one of the best in Middle East. He has trained thousands of DXN distributors through massive training and seminars. Now DXN Saudi Arabia has approximately 200,000 DXN distributors and eleven DXN centers available for business 24/7.

DXN distributors are not employees of DXN

They are independent distributors. If a DXN distributor is not earning much in the business, he has the right to add or venture another business that does not conflict with DXN – that is to supplement his income. This is an era of free enterprise where one creates a multiple streams of income. Even Dato Dr. Lim Siow Jin, the founder of DXN has multiple businesses not just DXN.

Without the DXN distributors' hard works DXN is nothing

DXN Wellness Products already have traveled to 151 countries from east to west and from north to south of the globe through the hard works and efforts of its million distributors around the world who introduced these products to people. These hard working DXN leaders have worked together as a team and the result, DXN becomes more developed and accessible for anyone who has the interest to invest money with the company and to enjoy the benefits from being a DXN distributor.

DXN upholds teamwork, determination, creativity and humility

DXN is characterized by innovation and partnercenteredness, grounded in equality and a sense of belongingness. DXN believe in the conviction that there are extra ordinary possibilities in ordinary people. The company want to develop their distributors to become extra ordinary people, with a heart that cares for his fellow distributors. The company want to uphold Teamwork – to make the load lighter, Determination – to stay on course, Creativity – to rise above achievement and Humility – to want to learn from one another.

The letter shows Mamaril's sentiments and


On September 4, 2012, I received a very shocking letter from Edwin Q. Mamaril. Below is the copy of his letter I quote - intended to all his DXN partners around the world says:

“As the Admin of this group and your fellow independent DXN distributor, I regret to inform you that I will no longer be able to promote DXN products and its opportunity starting today. A decision has been made by DXN Middle East Management to terminate my distributorship for the reason that I am involved with another business in the Telecommunication Industry. But please take note it is not a Wellness Company.

“Myself, my family, my relatives and my close friends are loyal consumers of DXN products but it makes me feel sad that this now has to be changed. We never shifted to other products for our health needs despite of other offers from different Wellness Companies. Likewise, as one of DXN Saudi Arabia’s top leader, motivator, achiever and speaker and has helped DXN Saudi Arabia as one of the best in Middle East, I felt the decision seems to be unfair. However, the company has its rights to apply their policy regardless of the good deeds a distributor has done for them.

“It’s been a fruitful 7 years doing DXN and supporting our Team members with trainings and motivating them. From my side, there’s no hard feelings because I love my life and family better than any networking company in this planet. We all know that we joined DXN as an independent distributor and not as an employee.

“As independent distributors, we own the business and not the DXN owns us. We are the one to design our future and not the DXN or any MLM company that we have joined. I hope so, you get my point. On the positive side, this decision of DXN Middle East Management will make me free to start for a new and better Wellness Company along with my Telecommunication business.

“To all my DXN teams especially in Saudi Arabia, I know how difficult this is for all of us. We know that challenges and good times that we have shared together but I always believe that whenever a door closes, another door and window will be opened for us! All the best in Health, Wealth and Happiness.”

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