Counter Strike: Mac 10

The sub machine gun with the best damage per second ratio and the one that cranks the most headshots. When used in groups, in short and medium range you become literally invincible.

1. Short range combat

The best weapon of all for short range. Even beats the shotgun in terms of accuracy and amount of damage per second. If you go in a group of three or more, all with MAC 10, then you are virtually unstoppable. Always fire for the chest because the gun will move up quickly and aim the head while doing some damage to the chest. The only

problem is when the enemy is wearing Kevlar which almost halves the damage but half of them prefer to buy the most expensive riffle than Kevlar so nothing to worry about and you always have the head. No, the helmet makes no difference whatsoever against this caliber when dozens of rounds are fired per second.

2. Medium range combat

Still possible to use the MAC 10 for medium

range but remember that you need to be lucky and to fire very slowly. Forget about aiming for the head, there is not enough accuracy to hit it. Always move in a group when considering medium range combat with this gun, it is almost impossible to win against a riffle in such distance, one vs one. In a close combat, no one stands a chance, but at this range, it is simply impossible without luck.

3. Log range combat

Forget about long range combat. There is no enough accuracy as this machine gun has the worst accuracy of probably all weapons in the game when auto firing and sniping is considering. Even if you fire shots one by one you rarely hit anything, much less the head.

This gun is one of my favorites and the best gun to buy in the second round especially if you lose round one.

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