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Hot Bookmark is considered by thousands of its users as one of the Top Social Book markings - where a writer can share his awesome columns or articles, photos, videos and other stuff he produced and published from any paying sites he is writing with.

The site was launched in December 2009. The website is accepting articles, news, business details and other write-ups. The site is open for bloggers, journalists, fiction writers and other types of writers from around the world. Now the site has registered thousands of Hot Bookmark users happily sharing their awesome columns and other stuff to other

Hot Bookmark users.

Before you can share and submit your stuff to hot bookmark, first you have to register with the site and after the approval you have to activate your membership immediately and you can start now sharing your good quality content articles or columns.

However, to make the site a better place to hang on there are simple guidelines to follow such as:

  • Quality Content: Is your story relevant to the site?
  • Link Directly to the Source: Save people time by linking directly to the original news story.
  • Search First: Avoid duplicate submissions by searching to make sure someone else has not submitted the story already.
  • Be Descriptive: You are the story editor, so explain what it is and why it is cool.
  • Make sure that your columns or articles and stories will fall to the following categories like Career, Business, Computer, Asia, General News, Health, Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Science, World, Crime, India and US.

To submit your column to Hot Bookmark, the mechanics are simple and very familiar

such as:

  • Copy and paste the URL of your column to hot bookmark submit editor section that was already published from any sites
  • Write the title of the column or story
  • Look for the right category of your column found in the submit editor section
  • Write the summary or description of your article or column
  • Add tags at least three
  • Add track back which is the URL of your column or article
  • Insert/apply the CAPTCHA numbers/letters for human verification
  • Share the column or article to your group found in the submit editor section
  • and Preview and submit.

After you submitted the column, you will see that the screen-shot of the website that published your article before sharing it to Hot Bookmark website is also published with the title of your column. And it is now open to public for voting and viewing. So aside from Twitter, Facebook, Twiends, Stumbleupon there is also Hot Bookmark website where to share our awesome columns and stories.

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