Rose Means To Remember

Roses are commonly used in weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. And during all Saints day and Souls day that fall on November one and two for Christians, to see the clusters of roses are common with bunch of candles. These roses are meant to remembering of their love ones, who departed long ago. On funerals we also smell roses - expressing sympathy to the bereaved families.

Roses for me are universal flowers that mostly of us would love to see, to touch and to smell them. Roses have so many uses. Some of us offer them to our Patron Saints during fiestas

and other occasions. Roses have also become the national flowers of some countries of the world like England. Roses also symbolize blood, love, beauty and social democracy.

Roses can be cultivated by anyone by grafting or rooting cuttings. Grafting or rooting cuttings are common ways to plant the roses. Anyone can do it. There is no need for a wide space to plant the roses. They can be cultivated in an open terrace, in the backyards and frontyards. They can be planted in plastic bag, pots, earthen pots and wooden pots or directly to the soil with sunlight and water. Roses are categorized as the old garden roses existed before the introduction of the first Modern Rose in 1867

and the modern garden roses.

Every time I see a flower rose, I always remember that particular day. I took three red roses that worth of 5ph from a flower shop, outside our high school building for my sweetheart , with my promise to pay the owner that, I will comeback after our class that afternoon but I did not keep my promise. I forgot to pay her. Now it is already 34 years ago and the owner had died already. Rose for me means to remember debt.

For facts and other details of roses, its uses and health benefits visit Flower Rose

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