Story About Love, Compassion And Pain

No matter if the child is biologically yours or not, love, compassion and pain all come from a parent’s heart to show they care. Mark’s decision surprised me and I knew that it was his parting words. However, I realized that Mark will leave for the good so I just nodded and gave my praise to them. Mark grew up with many good choices on his life – a new home and a family of his own to live with. Mark went away to live with his own family and a new home of their own.

Mark’s moving a far

Inactive hunched

in the face of the doorway, watching Mark who’s moving a far. Teardrops were falling in pace down my face and rippling swiftly to the floor. My breath shut and I couldn’t move. I felt that there was a dagger injected into my heart and cut my blood pump to pieces.

Wrapped with great sorrow and pain, I cried gravely. My body was knocked down on the floor, smooched it fearfully. Tears plunging depressed on the ground – they scrubbed my face. Subsequently, I saw those blinking stars were smiling at me joyfully. They’re laughing, teasing and fooling around me. I screamed in pain. I cried seriously. Mark has gone and it had suppressed me candidly. It was painful. I whimpered over my untamed biosphere anguished and alone.

Memories of Mark’s childhood

Quickly a splendid light had appeared and was shining brightly over my head. I saw those wonderful images visible about Mark. He was with me during those exciting and memorable days. I saw him on his early morning of his life, who was happy and gay. I could hear those songs that I have sung for him to stop crying while we’re beneath the cool breeze of the morning sun, dancing.

I could remember those pleasant words I used to stop Mark crying. “Come on son, don’t cry. Papa is here,” I was talking to Mark who’s moaning on his crib, “I know what you want….How about a short walk? Yeah. It’s great to walk under the morning sun.” I took him from his crib and we have walked outside the house and Mark was rustling on my right ear, smiling.

The day Mark has arrived

Those years I showed my love to him that started when he came. There was joy and happiness in my home. My whole life and my love took care for him. I had realized that my world will go on with him.

When Mark got sick, I was frightened. “Mark what happens to you? I murmured. I touched his forehead and I knew he has a fever. I was baffled and nervous. I didn’t know what to do. Tensions and fears I felt when he was chilling with high fever. And when I was recovered from being jerk off, immediately, I took some ice cubes and put them on his head but still he was flaming of high fever. I was scared. Then I wrapped him with a blanket, took him outside the house, called a car and ran to the hospital. Inside the hospital, I was shouting for help, “Mark is burning of high fever. Please help him doctor.”

My fears were gone

“Take it easy Mr. Sion. He will be okay,” replied Doctor Robles. He examined Mark. He dipped Mark with cold water and given him an injection.

My tensions and fears gone when doctor Robles declared that mark has recovered. “Mark is okay now,” he said, “These are the medicines for him. Take good care Mark. He is cute.”

I nodded and thanked him. Then I held Mark into my arms and kissed him tenderly with all my love and we left the hospital for home. At home I guarded and watched him the whole day and night until he has fully recovered.

Mark was an angel from heaven

Those years, we’re running with the cool breeze of the morning wind, shouting over the flourishing meadow grass with joy. He was an angel without wings sent by heaven to me and enjoy life with me.

When he grown up, I could imagine those years to see Mark sleeping on his cozy bedroom. Many times I had woken him up from sleep and took him to the bathroom for his wonderful shower. He loved to eat breakfast with fried rice, scrambled egg, ham with a glass of fresh milk.

In the evening I had to repose late. I brushed his shoes, ironed his clothes for the next morning use. Mark has inspired me to do all those things that I could be proud of. I loved Mark. I couldn’t feel tiresome of caring for him. I had cherished him the most.

Mark reached his manhood life

When Mark became a teenager, I started to be rattled and nervous again. Mark has started asking me many things, “What these things all about? How relevant are these things to me, papa?”

“You know son, at this stage you’ll experience things that would change you for manhood

life. I’m sure you can cope up all them.” I replied.

“Some times, I had dreams – I was with girls with my age, laughing, giggling and dancing with them. They were exciting and memorable, papa.”

“Of course, that’s it. You’re now a teenager. And being a teenager it is only natural to happen,” I explained, “You know son, when I was at your age, there were many good things that happened to my life. They were all completely exciting and I had realized that I was not a child anymore – knowing that the life I had enjoyed was already for manhood life.”

There was a time Mark shared and discussed to me about some of his odd feelings. He had some crushes, he admitted and he asked me, “Are these normal feelings that I am experiencing now, papa?”

I just smiled and nodded to him. Then I had explained that for a young lad – to experience with those strange feelings were part of growing up.

Mark graduated high school and went to college

I remembered when Mark has graduated from high school. He was standing high and straight delivering his speech. His face was full of joy and pride especially when he received his diploma that marked of his successful adventure. I rejoiced seeing Mark shouting with gladness when his name was called “This year’s valedictorian is Mark Paul Sion.” My heart was very pleased to hear those applause from the audience.

And when Mark went to college, again I was baffled and puzzled thinking about Mark and his new surroundings. I was afraid that he could hardly adopt the city life. But when he said, “I am okay, papa. Everything is under control.” That was the only time I realized that Mark was not anymore a child. He’s a grown up man already – geared to live away from me.

Despite thousand of miles Mark was away from me, we always talked on the phone. There were nights I couldn’t sleep asking myself, “Is Mark safe? Did he eat now? Who cooked for him? Who washed and ironed his clothes and brushed his shoes? I love Mark but I would have to understand him. This is the time that Mark would now live with his own life. This is the time for Mark to prove that he has the will to stand alone. Besides, he is nineteen years old now,” I said it unaware of those tears dropping down at my face.

Mark found a new home

But one day, after some couple of years, Mark arrived home with his beloved. A woman in her 20s. She had long hair down her back. She smiled with dimples in her cheeks. I felt jealous. But I couldn’t help but to understand him. He said, “We’re married.”

Mark’s decision surprised me and I knew that it was his parting words. However, I realized that Mark will leave for the good so I just nodded and gave my praise to them. Mark grew up with many good choices on his life – a new home and a family of his own to live with. Mark went away to live with his own family and a new home of their own.

Who was I to stop him? What I knew – I loved him so much. I was just his foster father and his mother. I have cared for him that started when I adopted him as my own son twenty-five years ago, and give him the life to enjoy – full of life, compassion and love!

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