There Is Only One Step To Make An Article Popular

In cooking an article, the writer should come up with the idea that the article should be cooked out with the best ingredients needed to make it tasty and yummy. The writer should have to look for the best title for his article or he has to find a catchy title and work it out to make it beautifully presented to attract or to hook up the readership. However, doing it right according to his taste, they still do not assure him that his article would become popular online. So, if you are reading this heading, you may proceed to read the whole content of this write up.

Based from my experience as an online blogger, a grabbing title of my article with relevant contents describing about the subject topic, with a slightly good grammar and is equipped with photo and video and other make up kits to make it perfectly presentable to my readers, all of the above are actually do not send my article to become viral and popular online. Honestly speaking, I felt disappointed to see my published article has no one read it or no nobody has visited the article page. I felt disgraced that in spite of the hard work and efforts I

injected to write the article, the popularity of the post did not meet my expectation. Well, I guess this is just a normal feeling I have and maybe there are also other writers who are also having the same feeling and experience. Anyway, the show must go on.

Speaking of popularity, for me it is not necessarily I see people and heard them talking about the article I published online. It is not necessarily I see that my article has received cluster of comments and likes. It is not necessarily I see my article kidnapped by unscrupolous scammers or being hijacked by a couple of stalker as the same as what I had experienced on other writing websites and saw it that it is published already on other site under the authorship of another person. What I am about to say is the popularity of my published article should be in term of page views, meaning the article is popular and viral and is trending when it receives a thousand or a million views. Why I focus on views? This is a matter of my honest confession, when there are views, income follows. When there is income or earning from what the writer has produced, there is satisfaction indeed to feel and to enjoy and not to mention that the said earning can help him pay his

electric bills, internet bills, phone bills and so on.

What to do to make a published article popular or become viral online? There is only one thing I know or one step to do to make an article popular online. And this is through the power of sharing of your stuff to reach the million readers from around the world. There are popular search engines available online like, Google search, Yahoo search, Bing search, OAL search and etc where to submit your article. Aside from these search engines there are also  popular social networks available online like Facebook that now has the biggest registered members that totalled around 1.5 billion users from around the globe, there is the StumbleUpon, Google plus, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other remarkable networking sites where to share your stuff freely and legally. And recently, I found out that those popular social networks I mentioned also have adapted the power of sharing to reach the million online users everytime they have new news updates about their sites.

By the way, the source of the idea of this article came from one of the articles I published at ExpertsColumn re How to Calculate Ordinary Interest and Exact Interest. Out of more than two hundred articles that I had already published on this site, this is the only published article I have that garnered the highest views that has reached so far to twenty two thousand plus views and still counting. This is the result when I started sharing it to search engines and to social networking sites. So, if you will bite my idea and suggestion, go ahead, do not stop sharing your published column online to make it popular.









Article Written By pruelpo

My favorite Saying: “Dream Big and don’t stop without giving it a chance to come true.” I am a father of 3 for 27 years, OFW for 17 years , a Blogger, sometimes a Poet, Self-motivated and Professional by experience. You can call me Paul or Pruel. I am friendly animal but can kick you off when it is needed. LOL. I have no specific areas where my writing will focus on. I write any subject that interests me under the merciless sun.

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  • UmiNoor  02-12-2015

    When I was writing for Bukisa back in 2009, SEO was much simpler. I can get to the first page of Google so easily using low competition keywords and competing with low ranking websites but now SEO is more complicated. It takes luck to get to the first page of Google and to get the page views that I dream of.

    I didn't aim to get lots of views from just one article back then. I consolidated. I will write many articles and if I had written ten articles and each one can garner at least 100 views a month, I can reach 1000 views per month.  That was my ;

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