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For me it is not enough to share the URL links of the columns to my blog site that are already published at Triond, ExpertsColumn, Wikinut, HubPage and other publishing sites I am writing with. My reason is that - If by bad luck those publishing sites are closed, at least I saved all the articles to my blog site.

This is a short review of a blog site I owned that helps market my articles across the Internet. I found out that traffic and views were came from Pageviews by Countries, Pageviews by Browsers and Pageviews by Operating Systems.

Now, if

you are planning to share your published columns and other stuff to your blog site from those publishing sites you are writing with - I would recommend the following:

  • Rewrite or change your article title - a catchy title will work better.
  • Rewrite or change your article introduction.
  • Rewrite some parts or sections of your article contents.

Last January 2012, I created my newest blog site at blogger entitled Wikinut Awesome Publishing Site For Article. To date, this blog site has already garnered at least 6,186 views and still increasing.

Those views were brought by the following referring sites like:


The readers and visitors have used the following search keywords like:

  • wikinutawesome
  • iqama
  • www iqama date expiry check
  • my star articles by pruelpo
  • saudi iqama
  • wikinut awesome
  • wikinut scam
  • alaska philippines recipe
  • best articles publishing site 2012
  • does science and the bible agree

The first top ten countries that viewed Wikinut Awesome are as follows:

  • United States
  • Philippines
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Russia
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ukraine
  • Canada

Also this blog site has recorded pageviews by Browsers like:

  • Chrome 2,788 (45%)
  • Firefox 1,594 (25%)
  • Internet Explorer 1,136 (18%)
  • Safari 272 (4%)
  • Opera 179 (2%)
  • Instapaper 47 (<1%)
  • BingPreview 46 (<1%)
  • Mobile Safari 33 (<1%)
  • Qt 26 (<1%)
  • Mobile 21 (<1%)

And pageviews by Operating Systems like:

  • Windows 4,842 (79%)
  • Macintosh 609 (10%)
  • Linux 463 (7%)
  • iPhone 76 (1%)
  • Android 30 (<1%)
  • compatible 23 (<1%)
  • iPad 11 (<1%)
  • BlackBerry 8 (<1%)
  • iPod 7 (<1%)
  • Other Unix 4 (<1%)

You can share your published articles from those

publishing sites you are connected with to your blog site in many ways such as:

  • by the URL link of your published article alone
  • by the article title at which the URL link of the article page is inserted
  • by a short summary of your article with the URL link of the article page

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Article Written By pruelpo

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