Tips For Safe Driving For An Active And Impulsive Drivers

Many people believed that the accident prone personality is a person who is quick, decisive, active, impulsive, independent and adventurous. Drivers should remember that a fatal accident occurs only once in a life time. A Moment of carelessness may mean a life time of regret.

A traffic report by the World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded that there are about 1.2 million people killed on road accidents annually. And more than half of the total road accidents that occur are with drivers ages between fifteen and forty-four, and 73% of them are male drivers.

So for an active and impulsive drivers –

the below are tips for safe driving:

  • First check your car or vehicle to make sure it is ready for hot and rainy weather.
  • Get a tune-up and make sure the wipers work and the tires are in good condition.
  • Ensure all lights work and keep lenses clean.
  • Make sure the wind shield is clear – inside and out.
  • Be well rested before setting off on journey.
  • Be sure to sit-up straight.
  • Adjust your seat so that you are able to press the pedals firmly.
  • Always wear seat belts.
  • Make sure each passenger in the car wears his or her safety belt.
  • Be sure rear view mirrors are set correctly.
  • Keep your eyes moving ahead, to the mirrors, to the sides. They will give you advance warning of potential

  • As you get off the main road, watch out for mud, sand, water and wet leaves as these make surfaces slippery.
  • Watch the car ahead of you and the car ahead of that one to give yourself extra time to stop.
  • Learn to anticipate potential accidents.
  • Use your horn whenever you are not sure the other fellow driver sees you.
  • At night, reduce speed below your usual daytime pace.
  • Slow down and allow more time to reach your destination.
  • Get your car well off the road when changing a tire.
  • And most important of all, adhere to traffic rules and regulations.

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