At Triond A Worksheet Is Enough To Advertise Articles Across The Internet

At Triond I found another interesting way how to market hundreds of my published articles across the net. Through a worksheet where all the information of the articles I have published at Triond are put together as an article page. This column is an example as it holds hundreds of articles to market across the internet. If people have spotted it and attracted to crawl down the page - traffic and views would be flushing in. The mechanic is simple, the main key is my Triond profile page. My profile page has a section that caters all the indexed tags

or labels I had used for my articles called tag cloud.

Out of three hundred ninety one (391) articles I have published on that site excluding this one - there are about twenty tags officially indexed and found on my Triond profile page under the tag cloud section. These twenty tags representing the 391 articles published on the different publishing sites powered by Triond.

The twenty labels could possibly be visited and read by surfers and other crawlers - if attracted to crawl down on them. And what is good here is that - these tags or labels are considered as search-able keywords by search engines, other crawlers and spiders across the net.

Out of the 391 published articles - 288 of them are articles tagged under my user name pruelpo. The other 103 content articles I published are labelled under Business, Education, Facebook, Get more, Google, How to, Life, Online writing, Paid to write, People, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Society, Triond, Web marketing, What are, What is, Writing and Writing tips.

Surfers who would likely or accidentally visit my Triond profile page and would crawl down the 20 tags found under my tag cloud section - would also visit and read other articles written by other

Trionders. The reason is that - hundreds of Triond writers have also used the same tags or labels I have used for the 103 articles I published on Triond. So, if I marketed this article through social networks, bookmarking sites and to my blog sites - chances of traffic and views would also flush in to other Triond profile pages.

The said three hundred ninety one content articles are officially published on twenty publishing sites powered by Triond namely: AlThingForCars, AuthoSpot, BeyondJane, Bizcovering, Bookstove, Cinemaroll, Computersight, Gomestic, HealthMad, Newsflavor, Musicouch, Notecook, PurpleSlinky, Quazen, Relijournal, Scienceray, Socyberty, Trifter, Webupon and Writinghood.

This way of advertising of my published articles outside Triond is legal and no spamming. And a worksheet is enough to market my published articles across the Internet. And to use my user name as one of the tags or labels for my articles is effective - if some one will search my username pruelpo on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing - he or she will be redirected to those published articles and other stuff I published on the different publishing sites across the net. Not only that my username can help too to detect who is plagiarizing my works. And whoever visit and crawl down the tag cloud found on my Triond profile page - he will be redirected to all published articles written by me and other hundred Triond writers who have also used the same tags I used. 

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Article Written By pruelpo

My favorite Saying: “Dream Big and don’t stop without giving it a chance to come true.” I am a father of 3 for 27 years, OFW for 17 years , a Blogger, sometimes a Poet, Self-motivated and Professional by experience. You can call me Paul or Pruel. I am friendly animal but can kick you off when it is needed. LOL. I have no specific areas where my writing will focus on. I write any subject that interests me under the merciless sun.

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