The Truth Of The Matter I Love Wikinut

Before anyone can register with the site, he or she should read first the site's policy this includes how the site pay and when does the site pay its writers. For the past few weeks, I read numerous negative feedback about Wikinut site though I just treated them as normal reactions from people who also write for Wikinut. Of course, I am not the defense panel of Wikinut but I am proud to say it that Wikinut pays its writers.

Many people believed that this publishing site is a low paying though this does not affect and change other people's interest

to become Wiki-nut writers. Some people out there are still attracted to join the site. The proof is as of today, I have already 46 people referred to Wiki-nut.

Wikinut pays from the views your Wikinut pages received. So writers should work well to promote their products which are their published articles. They should use social networks and other bookmarking sites to share their stuff across the Net including the basic sharing. In addition to views, wikinut will pay you your shares from adverts. The more your article pages attract views, the bigger the chances of people to like and click some of the adverts found on your Wikinut pages. In other words, the more articles you published, the bigger the chances to get views and earnings.

I received four payments already. So far my Wikinut pages received 288,066 views and

my earnings has reached so far to 14.684 British pounds. I already received four payments of different amounts that totaled 12.95 British pounds as shown below:

  • 9th Jun 2012 - 3.39
  • 7th Mar 2012 - 3.02
  • 8th Dec 2011 - 3.55
  • 8th Mar 2011 - 2.99

Why I joined Wikinut and still attracting people to join with the site? My very reasons are as follows: In the beginning I had that awesome impression that Wikinut will help me expand my world status and connections. I found Wikinut as a home of friendly and supportive Wikinut writers and Moderators too. Speaking of home does denote the place where one lives, but it also connotes security, comfort and love. For this, I created a blog site in the named of Wikinut Awesome Publishing Site for Articles.

Wikinut income does not only come from your Wikinut pages views - some of your earnings were also came from adverts found on your Wikinut pages.

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