Twins Write Differently: How To Detect Plagiarist

ExpertsColumn is not the only paying site for our original and awesome columns. Some of us are also writing for Bukisa, Wikinut, Hubpage, Helium, Yahoo and other websites that pay. Are you happy that some people out there are stealing some of your works? If you answered “yes” – you better stop reading this article. However, if you thought that the idea I wanted to make here will work for you in some other ways – then go a head, read the whole article and it’s also my pleasure to welcome some of your insightful suggestions.

If you are writing with

those sites do not think twice – register your profile user links to search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, AOL and other imaginable search engines that you know. Those sites you are writing are already searchable but I would rather suggest you submit your own profile links with those sites you are writing and register them to search engines. You will see that what ever you update from those websites are all indexed under your profile user links.

Normally, we write columns with awesome titles and tags. We even have used some keywords on the titles for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. And when it comes to article tagging we apply

some keywords that are found on our columns contents. This time do not hesitate to include your user name as one of the tags for your articles. If someone has stolen your works with the tag of your user name – the search engines will help you detect that plagiarized your works and will guide you to the sites where they are published. 

In addition, do not forget that there are thieves who are also clever and wise. They plagiarized other works and published them with new titles, new summary and paraphrashing the contents. However, you can still detect those articles that are plagiarized through comparison of the contents, the approach and style used by the author. Always remember that there are no two authors who write the same approach and style. Even twins they write differently!

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