Ways To Advertise And To Attract Traffic

If you have a Facebook account or a Twitter account, you can use them for this purpose. The methods are simple though you have to abide their rules and policies, that is to avoid from being banned or from being kicked off out from their sites. Word of mouth is considered one of the best forms of advertising. Any one can use it or apply it online or offline. There are online tools created or designed for this purpose. Facebook and Twitter are free resources where you can use them for your articles advertising. By simply provide links to some of the
articles you wrote and share them to Facebook and Twitter. There are thousands of users who are looking fresh ideas and other stuff to be read and to be watched. If others like the articles you wrote, there are big chances that they may pass the links to their friends, and their friends may also

pass them on to their friends. The more exposure you have for your published articles, the better chance of more traffic and views to enjoy. If you are writing on other publishing sites that have ads program like Amazon ads, Ebay ads, Nuffnang ads, Chitika ads, Google ads they can add traffic and views for your article pages and eventually your online income will increase drastically. Ads attract more traffic. It is very important to have ads related to your articles. Hubpages and Squidoo have applied these ads program on their sites they are additional income for their writers. It is also very important to have eye-catching subtitles in your articles aside from catchy titles. Articles that have several capsules or subtitles, photos and videos attract more traffic and visitors than the article with simple text. Also by Emailing to your known friends which is the basic way of sharing is will also work.

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