What If There Was No Contest At Expertscolunm? Would Its Members Would Still Submit Articles

I am just wondering up to now that for the past few months when ExpertsColumn has come alive again online after the great crashed and has changed its interface and added new features, the site has focused on weekly and monthly contest. Of course, this applied strategy has benefited both the site and its writers. But what if there was no contest at ExpertsColumn - would its members would still submit articles?

 On social media impact ExpertsColumn has garnered 79 scores with four stars out of five. The site is very popular in Facebook, StumbleUpon and Google Plus. EC is liked by 278 people on Facebook, it has four twitter shares and it has forty-three Google+ shares. Its site's description and the keywords used for the site have helped attract search engine crawlers and the thousands online surfers to visit the site. Not to mention that the site is built and highly optimized for search engine optimization. Its Google page rank is three out of ten, in Alexa its global rank is

90, 065 and in India its rank is 14, 147.

Yes. When EC has changed its interface and categorized it as a niche blogging platform (which is too different from the old ExpertsColumn) where members can now create their own blogs, publish articles and get paid for the views generated as well members also get paid for indulging in various social activities such as sharing contents, posting comments, writing posts on other members' walls and publishing bundles of articles for the EC contests which are scheduled on weekly and monthly events - all of these, I see have helped ExpertsColumn to survive. Plus of course, the money budgetted by its owner and its partners to pay its writers and to maintain the site.

And aside from the money earned from ads or advertisements found on every blog pages - EC owner and its partners have allocated money from their pockets to pay for the weekly or monthly

contests. Of course, that idea is good and is well working for the benefit of both the site and its contributors. It is partly part of a website expenses allocation in order to stay active and longer life online. And likewise the said weekly or the monthly contests that EC is happily hosting is an excellent strategy that will attract more writers to submit original, high quality written articles for publication as well as to attract more would-be writers to venture with ExpertsColumn.  

But what if there was no contest at ExpertsColumn - would its members would still submit articles? 

On the first paragraph of this article, I highlighted that ExpertsColumn is very popular on the first three giant social networks: Facebook which is now the biggest and strongest site for social networking online with one billion plus registered users from around the globe. StumbleUpon with more than twenty million users and Google+ with five hundred million plus users. In addition that ExpertsColumn is highly optimized for SEO - in this regards, writers of ExpertsColumn should not stop writing for EC with or without contests. Based from my published articles on this site - they are continuously earning!

(Note:This article is originally written by me and not yet published somewhere else.)

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  • Bhargavi  06-12-2014


    yeah ofcourse contests are just to motivate  users .Apart from that informative and quality articles are always   all contests have come just now. Very good thought.

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