Which Web Address You Will Use For Your Website: Is It A Sub-domain Or Your Own Domain Name

If you’re planning to build your own website – the first thing that you would think about is the niche or the theme of your website and then you would have to determine which web address you will use for your website: Is it by using a Sub-domain or your own Domain name? Below are short accounts of comparison between Sub-domain and Domain name. Of course, which ever you will choose it is best for you – you are the one to pay for your registration.

It is said that having a sub-domain can act as a nice way of organizing

your domain name into different branches or departments and it is a good choice for displaying your website on the internet. But the disadvantage – it is viewed as very amateurish in the online world. Not like having a domain name which is the overwhelming option of choice for a person wanting to make money from his website.

A Sub-domain is a web address that is part of a parent domain name. Sub-domains typically serve as a secondary way of displaying your website. Examples of sub-domains include: maps.google.com, or dir.yahoo.com. You can see that each of these websites use sub-domains as a secondary way of displaying different branches of their businesses, while they use a domain name to display the main part of their business. So maps and dir are subdomains of the parent domain names google.com and yahoo.com.

For example, your web address would be something like: http://YourName.Google.com where YourName is the name you choose for your site. If you’re not looking to make any money from your website, a sub-domain is a good choice for displaying your website on the Internet. Another example is paulpruel.hubpages.com and wikinutawesome.blogspot.com. So PaulPruel and WikinutAwesome are subdomains of hubpages.com and blogspot.com. Triond, ExpertsColumn and Wikinut - the said sub-domains

for their writers are not yet available only user/s.

However, if you’re looking to make money from your website, having a sub-domain will put you at an immediate disadvantage because they are viewed as very amateurish in the online world. If you’re immediately seen as an amateur, you will not be able to build the trust you will need with your visitors in order for them to pull out their credit card and purchase whatever it is you are selling. On top of that, it will be very difficult for your potential customers to remember where to go to visit your website.

While a domain name according to some experts is the overwhelming option of choice for people wanting to make money from their websites because a domain name is the web address that someone inputs into their browser to view your website on the Internet. Examples of domain names are google.com, eBay.com, or MySpace.com, Triond.com, Wikinut.com, ExpertsColumn.com and HubPages.com. Having your own domain name, let’s see for example: www.paulpruel.com or www.paulpruel.org – you want people to remember you and your website. If you’re truly serious about your business, getting your own domain name is what successful online businesses do.

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