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BeeVocal admits that their success depends on the success of their hosts. So they are always on the lookout for talented presenters with the commitment, passion and ambition to host a great show. And when BeeVocal find hosts who have this essential mix - hosts will be invited to join their Honey program which enables the hosts to share in their long term financial success.

BeeVocal is a website that enables people to start their own interactive talk show online whether it’s sports, politics, finance, health or whatever and has a convenient forum for its users to discuss with each other

online. BeeVocal is open for people who are interested to use the site free for their online interactive talk show - from East to West and from North to South of the Globe.

The program aims to provide the following benefits to participating hosts:

Under the long-term financial gain - successful hosts will be rewarded Honey for their performances. Yes. It is not a get rich quick program and is not meant to provide a steady income like a job. But if BeeVocal do well in the long run - they will give back to the hosts who helped them get there. And specifics of the program will be provided to selected hosts.

Under coaching - because in establishing a successful show takes time and practice - Hosts will be provided the best advice from BeeVocal experts to speed up the process.

Under promotion - hosts in Honey are highlighted when BeeVocal promotes its shows, helping them and their shows to attract a larger audience.

On BeeVocal a member can speak freely to the world. He could have listeners who can comment and can ask questions about the topic he is discussing about during his talk show. In December 2012, BeeVocal has started awarding monthly awards to hosts and listeners of shows.

To win an award - a member should host and listen to shows. Below are three awards to be awarded to hosts and listeners like:

Under most popular live show - the host of the show with the most listeners of the live episodes will win 100 Sterling Pounds (UK Residents) for non UK residents will win $150.

Under most popular recorded show - the host of the show that is played back the most often will win 50 Sterling Pounds (UK resident) for non UK resident will win $75.

Under most interesting listener - the listener who makes the most interesting comment will win 20 Sterling Pounds (UK resident) for non UK resident will win $30.

BeeVocal Location: Vocal Park Limited, Registration No. 08172978, 15 Grasgarth Close, London, W3 9HS, United Kingdom. 

BeeVocal is a broadcasting platform that allows anyone to host their own live, interactive talk show online. Think of it as

a radio show, except the power is on its user hands: Anyone can host a show - a user don't have to be a big production company or own a radio station. A user can create his show from the comfort of his home, office or anywhere that he connects to the Internet.

Audience can really participate - typical radio shows are broadcast to millions of people but only a handful of people are able to call in and share their comments. BeeVocal shows, however, typically have audiences of less than 50 people (and many have audiences of less than 10) because the host and the audience talk about what is important specifically to them. And with a smaller audience, the host can field questions and comments from a much larger percentage of the audience than in a radio broadcast. So it's a much more intimate experience where all audience members have a chance to engage with the host in a dialogue.

BeeVocal has no geographic boundaries - with a radio talk show, listeners that can call in are usually in a specific town or city. On BeeVocal, anyone connected to the Internet can join the show from anywhere in the world. It has no time constraints - Hosts can schedule a show whenever is convenient for them. And no advance notice is needed. They can login and start a show whenever they want. And it's all available on a free, easy to use, platform. It only takes a couple minutes to sign up and start a show.

Interested parties and for more details about BeeVocal visit its website

Children under the age of 13 are not eligible to use BeeVocal website and must not attempt to register with BeeVocal and or submit any personal information to them. They don't knowingly collect personal information from any person who is under the age of 13 or allow them to register. If it comes to their attention that they have collected personal data from a person under the age of 13, they will delete this information as quickly as possible.

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